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Hi ladies,

Quick post for me before I head off to bed (on new microfleece sheets no less) ahhhh soft and warm.

Thursday (later today) I have to get to the thrift shop early and drop off my bag 'o stuff (tea, lunch, water bottles, change of shoes, etc) and then head over to my yoga class. It will be a lot easier navigating the snow banks and streets without this sizeable bag. After yoga I will grab a quick lunch and then train one of the new volunteers at the shop (hopefully she lasts longer than 1 day like the last one who decided the cash register was just too darn hard to figure out ). I then have a desperately needed hair appointment a short walk from the bank after I walk over the nightly deposit. Actually since I am working Friday afternoon too I can probably just skip the deposit on Thursday and do both days at once - not like we have hundreds of dollars streaming in the door. But I can wish... Our neighbor stopped by today. Our mail lady is a real dingbat ditz-o-rama, she must know someone. L brought over an armful of our mail. We have noticed on several occasions we don't get anything at all or just one piece of mail. This is frustrating as she has been misdelivering or not getting our mail to us ever since we moved here. DH takes special care to clear out the spot in front of our mailbox as she was tearing up the road and hitting the box - I guess years of practice have not made her a better driver. Included in the stack of mail I might otherwise have never received was an invite to a Humane Society volunteers recognition and celebration event. I was planning on going anyway. It appears I will be given an award to recognize my past year's help with the Humane Society. I was very touched. The event is in early March. I think it's nice that they do something for all the wonderful people we have here in town and the surrounding area that do so much to support the animals. Friday is going to be busy too - I have the thrift shop again in the afternoon and will have to scoot out of there - DH and I are going to a Crabfest Buffet at the casino. They will have crablegs but not much else with crab but they always put together and enjoyable spread so I'm looking forward to that. They can keep the chocolates for Valentine's Day, give me some shrimp scampi Oh and I guess I forgot I have a doctor's appointment at 10 on Friday. I'm not sure if it's a follow up for my leg, I hope it is and not cholesterol testing as I have been eating far too much cheese lately. I hope it's about the leg as I have been very good at doing my PT exercises but am still having a lot of problems. Sometimes my knee crunches and that takes me down.

You are talking about ganglion cysts. That's actually a herniation of the tendon. Whacking it with a bible / heavy book might be an old wife's tale but that will probably cause another rupture further up the tendon. Not good or recommended. I had one on my foot which the doctor removed but I took the bound bandages off too soon after surgery and it came back 2 inches higher. I was nervous about getting it cut again but after my bunion surgery they used compression bandages and it held in place.

I'm sorry I don't have time for personals - the night is getting away from me. I spent the day going through some old papers and for lack of a journal, I am just making notes in my blog about a time line of events that have happened in my life so that I can finally toss these receipts, copies and notes that are wasting space in my cabinet.

Have a good day, I might not be back until the weekend.
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