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Everyone needs to find out what works. For me wheat and pasta were devastating. That was my reality lived year after year day after day. Of course I didn't know that until giving them up.

But since then I haven't gotten sick. I used to have horrendous allergies. Austin is the allergy capital of the country. We had our cedar season which use to just make me into a quivering mass of sneezing, and headache, and body aches. Hardly felt it this year.

I have become a big fan of Professor Tim Noakes. Here is a short video from him with a link on the page to a much longer video. That longer one is called Health Sessions. Tim Noakes has spent his career as a Professor of exercise physiology. He even wrote a book that was one of the biggest sellers on importance of carbs for exercise. He has totally rejected his own previous work. That takes guts no matter if you think he is right now or right then. But as you can see I am far from the only one who has found grains are not for them.

As long as your happy with what you are doing, go for it. I am extremely happy with what I am doing.

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