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Hi Ladies.

Short post here..I'm like Shad--flat out busy-- (I LOVE that expression Shad!).
I will have to come back and post personals tomorrow. I'm getting ready to head to bed.

I had to work a few hours from home tonight as most of my day was tied up again with that dang Visa.

We found a bit of a loop hole and he can go into China the first time on a Vistors Visa that he gets at the airport and spend 72 hours and then he has to leave. from the same airport he entered China at. That works as he will then leave and go to Manilia and spend the time he needs there and then entry back into China for the second week using his single entry visa that he was issued.

We had to change some flights and hotels but it is done and he feels this will work. I'm a nervous Nelly that when he gets to China the 1st time he won't get the 72 hour visa they give at the airport. I'll cross my fingers...he has more guts than I do! But he lived there three years and feels ok with this.

I think I talked to everyone in NY and Chicago in the Visa offices about this trip and I know I NEVER want a job there!

I'll see you all tomorrow.
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