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About three months ago, a family member gifted hubby and I with a 5 month supply.

Hubby tried it, but it upset his stomach. I initially had no interest in trying it, but this month's PMS hunger has been especially intense, and when I found myself eating everything in sight, I got a little desperate.

I've only been on it a few days, but so far I'm impressed. I take one capsule at around 3pm and another around 8pm, and it seems to be taming the pms hunger. I still want to eat, but I don't feel my normal pms hunger, an urgent and overwhelming sense that I need to eat and keep eating.

It also seems to be keeping my blood sugar more stable. I've noticed that I can go longer between meals without feeling hungry or experiencing any low blood sugar symptoms like weak, wobbly knees or light headedness.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to take it every day, or just during the 7-10 days of my monthly pms hungies.
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