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I had been there for decades. Why am I hungry all the time? Why can't I stop eating? What is wrong with ME?

I was determined to succeed this time because my daughter is 3 and I am 48. It wasn't just about me this time. So I decided to get all the science I could this time. I also read Huffington Post success stories. A LOT of them mentioned lowering carbs.

So I looked into it and found out more about glycemic index. And I was shocked how high whole wheat was. I found out about Ancel Keys. I found out about people turning their bodies into fat storing machines and making weight loss virtually impossible until they changed their foods. Cutting calories just did not work.

So 'will power' hadn't worked before so I tried science. I took seriously reducing sugars and carbs except from non starchy veggies and fruits.

And I had 10 times the success at a fraction of the previous efforts. So I simply wanted to share the premise that for some people, eliminating some foods or drastically cutting back on them can really help success. And that the act of doing that can have a positive feedback loop because it can lower hunger in and of itself without any will power being applied.

I wanted to help people increase their chance of success.

And yes at times I felt like Peter Parker and other posters were J. Jonah Jameson. But like Peter I carry on because it is the act of helping that counts.