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Afternoon all,
Been sort of flat out busy here, and the system is not performing - or at least the program I have been using is not performing - it's called u-Perform or UPK. Personally I think it should be known as u-don't-perform but there you go. I was so cross when I got home last night that I just put myself in front of the tv for an hour with a drink and then went to bed. Better than taking it out on anyone.

I went to the show and tell photo night on Tuesday and it was nice. We had a chicken casserole for dinner with roasted vegetables and then we had the photos. Some of them were somewhat personal but I guess if they are happy to have it all hang out, then who am I.
With the package that they chose, they were able to have a long canvas, with three photos (2 smaller and 1 large) on it, and a 4 picture square canvas. Then they were able to have 1 more of the 4 photo frame free and some credits towards a number of 5x7 photos. I could see the in-laws lining up for the free large square canvas, and knew my sister couldn't afford one so I asked if, seeing that there were two sets of grandparents, whether there could be two free square canvas' - one each. After some humming and haaing, the photographer agreed that if the family agreed, he would swap the 5x7 credits for another frame. They did agree. Fortunately, otherwise I would have sprung for another frame myself. It just doesn't seem fair to give only one extra one away

Happy - sorry if I started the S.A.D saga. Yep, it was me. Hope you get to see at least something of the race. But then again, maybe the cold will get you and you will give up on the quest to see people behaving stupidly.
Nope, I haven't had time to get anything done yet. Might have to do some shopping tonight - after a couple of drinks at the Backbenchers bar (it's close to my supermarket).

Annie - how awful for your son and d.i.l. I'm so sorry for them. Hope they manage to get some of the stuff back. Fancy pinching a safe. How daring of them. Did the neighbours notice anything at all, or is it a place where you don't speak to or get to know your neighbours?
I asked the question about C's business colleagues because they might just have to get together, get a story straight and go to the bosses above their management to get some action. It's not funny when it is your livelihood.
I had a ganglion once. You were supposed to belt it with the family bible, however ours went missing a while back. Anyway the ganglion disappeared of it's own accord.

Laura - good to have you back. Hope you enjoyed the cruise and am looking forward to seeing the pictures. The shot of you on the beach looked good. Whose finger got in the way?
I'm looking forward to the stories of NO and dancing in the streets or whatever. Lucky that the guy managed to get all the cases and you all in the car as well. 0.6 gain is great going.

Michelle - you'll be glad that the video is done and dusted. Sounds like a nice thing to do. What was the software that you used. I'm sort of thinking it might be a fun thing to do with some of my travel photos - and I kind of like the idea of putting them to music - all those flowers surrounded by 'The waltz of the flowers' melody. Or some of the outback ones to the tune of 'the ride of the valkyries' or the family photos - with 'You must have been a beautiful baby'

Ceejay - you'll be glad to have the house back. There is a saying about Visitors being like fish - they go off after three days.

Terra - walking is great exercise. I wander around the hills here from time to time. I try to do it daily, but unfortunately life has been getting in the way lately.

Patty - welcome back. Congratulations on the new bloke. I've seen the pictures on facebook. You look very happy together. That's a good weight loss.

Susie - I will be back to MFP I promise, just not right now, but during the weekend sometime. I have too much on at the moment to get to the computer at home these days except to download my mail from time to time - mainly to see if there are any bills.

And that's about it from me. Apologies if I have missed anyone. I'm at work and I need a coffee and I need some time away from my desk. So a stroll around the floor might be in order.
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