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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
Say I have 400 cal salmon for lunch and 200 cal potato chips. Or I have 400 cal salmon and 200 cal brociolli. If I have the chips I get hungry in 2 hours and have a candy bar. Then I am really hungry by dinner and eat more and crave starches. Then that leads to a late night snack.

Both lunches were 600 calories but vastly different consequences. That message can get lost if we just say a calorie is a calorie.
Well, you will certainly feel fuller on 200 cal broccoli than 200 cal potato chips.

200 cal broccoli is a lot of broccoli compared to what, less than a handful of chips?

ETA: Wanted to add, I agree with you in principle (as all of us are agreeing with each other) that a low carb diet can certainly work for many people as an approach to stop bingeing and to keep appetite in control. That is your title and the message you are trying to get across, yes?

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