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Didn't think that you are long winded. I enjoy stories of vacations. I relive it through you. I'm anxiously waiting for the pictures. And only gaining a .6 pounds while on vacation is good.

Yes it's hump day and my Friday. This week hasn't been bad at all. I'm mainly sitting back and letting him do all of it. The boss man was watching us sit and talk and he called the trainee over to get some chores to do. He's been a busy man today. Glad you had some bro/sis time. By the way we had a -3 wind chill Monday of this week. Brrrrrr Ouch on the ganglion cyst.

I've been lax in my exercise also. But maybe tonight and definitely tomorrow I will start back. Hope you get the montage done.

Good to see you back.

Susie, Shad, Happy and Terra Hello

Nothing new.
I've been thinking of excuses but I'm praying that she'll decide
to stay at the store this week. If not I'm laying down some ground rules.
And I'm keeping my bed. Sis told me last night not to let her have it.
Getting accustomed to the trainee. He's been the easiest to train, mainly because he's had prior experience. And he doesn't seem as arrogant as he was. But he does keep bragging on himself. Guess some people want that extra pat on the back.
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