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I read that but then I thought you were arguing the most important take away is a calorie is a calorie. That could be very counterproductive if the rest of the story is not brought out.

Ironically Dr. Lustig's motto is one of your favorites' portion is poison or something like that. Anything can be unhealthy.

Getting rid of bread and pasta and most grains overall and potatoes overall reset my hunger A LOT. Allowing me then to succeed. I haven't counted calories or carbs.

I just am eating way more whole foods, less processed foods, limited the above things, more veggies, and running.

I could never get calories under control when I had bread and pasta and potatoes because I was hungry all the time.

So yes, of course, number of calories is important, very important. Regardless of source.

And you would think the following is obvious but it wasn't to me for many decades. Or at least I didn't act like it was.

Say I have 400 cal salmon for lunch and 200 cal potato chips. Or I have 400 cal salmon and 200 cal brociolli. If I have the chips I get hungry in 2 hours and have a candy bar. Then I am really hungry by dinner and eat more and crave starches. Then that leads to a late night snack.

Both lunches were 600 calories but vastly different consequences. That message can get lost if we just say a calorie is a calorie.

I focus on carbs/sugars because that is what Americans have increased by and large during obesity crisis. Per capita fat has gone down. I even think meat consumption has gone down. For me it was the thing to concentrate on but I also don't think I am unique.

300 grams of carbs a day, the recommendation, I believe works out to a cup and half of sugar a week. That is what Americans are recommended to consume.

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