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This is exactly why I try to stay out of these threads.

I don't see anyone arguing that a calorie is a calorie.

I don't see anyone arguing that we're robots and different macornutrients don't have an affect on saiety or energy levels.

In fact, if you take off your low carb glasses for just a second and read my post you'll see that we probably agree with one another.

Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
The question is what is the easiest way to restict them and how do different types of food affect your energy level. (Input and output) This is variable to the individual but for most people low carb is the way to go.

I always reccomend people try low carb first because for most people that is going to be the easiest way to restrict calories...
To take it a step further, macronutrients do make a difference for me so why you think they don't is surprising to me. How I operate maintaining is way different than the approach I took when I was losing weight, and the approach I took then varied with exactly what I was trying to accomplish but when I was only trying to lose fat, as fast as possible, I was very low carb and very low calorie.

The only reason I posted here in the first place was the same reason I post on this board at all. Facts are facts and I believe people should know the truth. The truth is that you don't lose fat because you restrict your carbs and if you read enough on the low carb forums you'll see just how true this is both with people who are not losing weight on low carb diets and people who purposefully overeat to show that they are not gaining as much weight as they should when they are purposefully overeating trying to make a point (in a pointless way because n=1 is irrelevant.)
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