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Agreed. I admitting those people. I am admitting what is real to you. I've yet to see you admit that many people struggle with sugar/carbs.

Mark Bittman had an op-ed. He said in a locked down environment where people were forced they could lose weight regardless of source. In the real world, without lock down, if people don't take into account that a calorie is not a a calorie to them, they are making weight loss success that much harder. Now it is going to vary from person to person. But saying a calorie is a calorie is just going to impede progress for many.

Take me. I used to be able to go through 2,000 to 3,000 calories in all you can eat french fries places without blinking. I like the taste of spinach but if you asked me to go through 2,000 calories of spinach at a sitting and even offered me a $1,000 I could not do it.

Calories are not the same in the real world for what people want to actually accomplish. Source matters very much. Ironically throughout this whole process I never counted calories. I rarely even look at labels now because most of my stuff doesn't have labels. But with cutting out wheat and most grains and limiting potatoes and running and more veggies, my appetite has just regulated itself. Not focusing on weight loss right now per se., just keeping up the exercise and the way of eating and the weight loss is happening. Obviously I am interested in tracking it though.

So I get you and JohnP are correct about calories as energy. If your strapped me down and fed me a few twinkies a day I might survive for awhile and lose weight. But once I was unstrapped my metabolism would be way off and my hunger would probably be insane. I am more interested in health and how to get there in the real world with my particular metabolism.

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