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What bugs me most about the carb wars is not the science or the research. Because I totally get it, if I have a cereal for breakfast I'm famished shortly after as opposed to eating a bit of protein. The difference is obvious to me so I have no problem when someone wants to raise awareness about empty carbs. But what upsets me is the magnitude of importance we put on alleviating hunger. That has been upsetting me for a while, long before I decided to do IE. I was sick of being afraid of hunger. I get angry every time someone tries to make me believe that this diet will keep hunger to a minimum or that diet will get rid of cravings. Every diet attacks hunger as if its the problem, it's not the problem. The problem is what we do when we do when we get hungry, how we punish ourselves with hunger and how scared we are of it. I'm sick of the whole dieting mentality. I don't want to be the girl who looks great because I'm low far or low carb or vegan. Zero interest. I want to be the girl that can eat anything she wants and not have to worry about what food is doing to me or god forbid afraid of hunger. I want to be a normal person, I have no interest in being a successful dieter. I want to enjoy my food. Because when it comes to diets I've found out the hard way that the ONLY reasons I binge is because of stress and food restriction. I've taken away the restrictions and no more binging. I'm working on stress management and no more binging. And in eating more carbs now than I have ever allowed myself.

“If you try to lose weight by shaming, depriving and fearing yourself, you will end up shamed, deprived, and afraid.” Geneen Roth
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