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Morning all. Had a meeting first thing, but otherwise I'll continue to catch up.

Shad Ė Sounds like you had a good trip home, and got most things accomplished. Hope you get caught up on the all the chores now that youíre back in NZ. How was the nieceís show and tell night? The friends I cruised with are talking about having a photo party to view and share our photos. Hope you hear from Jen at some point. I know this is a hard time for her, but I hope she's managing alright.

Susie Ė What a mess with the bossís visa, but it sure sounds like you tried very hard to work it out. Good goals for the month!!

Terra Ė Welcome!! Congrats on the weight loss Ė good start. Iíve been struggling for a while with my weight loss progress, but I suppose Iíve been maintaining satisfactorily. The only problem is that Iím not at my final goal yet!! All your walking should certainly help with your progress. This winter has been bad for me getting out to exercise classes at the gym, so I havenít been getting much cardio. I have to stop letting this winter weather get the better of me!

Ceejay Ė Between the trainee at work and the houseguest at home, you havenít been getting your alone time, and they both sound like they've been annoying to boot! Iíd come up with a response to have ready just in case this friend thinks she'll be staying with you whenever she comes to town. It just sounds like itís too disruptive for you, and you deserve a peaceful place to come home to at the end of your long workdays. Good luck!!

Annie Ė Iím so sorry youíre going through such a rough time right now. I hope the docs can do something to keep your brother with you as long as possible. So nice youíre going to the Kiwanis meetings with him!! Horrible that your son/dilís place got broken into. Sad to have lost the sentimental items Ė it sure sounds suspicious. I guess I always think these burglars only take whatís easily movable, so itís odd to me they took that big heavy safe as well. I hope insurance can help with their recovery. I know this weather is also getting to you, but at least you have the upcoming birth of ddís baby as a bright spot. Hang in there kiddo!! Glad youíre getting another cortisone shot. You shouldnít have to live with that pain!!

Michelle Ė I bet that video is going to be really special when youíve completed it! Itíll be so nice for the party attendees to watch and for your friendís wife to have that afterwards. And now youíve learned something new. Glad to hear things are going well at work. I havenít watched any Olympics coverage at all Ė most of the events donít really excite me, but if I happen to tune in on something that interests me Iíll watch for a bit. This winter, I think I really donít want to watch more cold/wintery activities. Iíve had enough winter in my own backyard.

Patty Ė Good to see you here! You seem very happy from reading your FB postings Ė wonderful to hear youíve found a great guy to spend time with and that your life is good. Donít be a stranger Ė come back soon!!

Happy Ė I hope youíre able to watch some of that Birkenbeiner race this year. It would be nice to actually enjoy some of the winter up there! I sure hope you donít run short of your propane supply. Any plans to take a warm weather vacation in the future?? I went to that site of the old Chicago things Ė I remember waiting for the bus on the corner where the old Florsheim factory was. And Yo-Ho potato chips.

Nothing much to report from yesterday. My review went fine. On to the 2014 goals.

I had a gain of 0.6 pounds at my WW weigh-in. After the cruise, Iíll take it. Though I did keep rather active along with B. Four of the 7 days I took shore excursions, three of which included decent amounts of physical movement.

Iíll give a quick recap of my cruise a couple days at a time. Starting with the Saturday we left town Ė my friend B and I were extremely lucky we even got to fly out that day. It was snowing very heavily on the drive to the airport with my bf and we were crawling along the highway. I think the fact that our flight was early enough that there wasnít a very large snow accumulation yet helped tremendously. The flight was only delayed about an hour.

New Orleans was off and on misty/sunny when we arrived and took a shuttle to our hotel, which was close to the French Quarter. Our other two friends had already arrived a short time earlier (they had driven down), and we all got out and took a trolley/streetcar to an area recommended for dining located on the other side of the French Quarter. We had a late lunch at a nice place - I had a shrimp po' boy that also had fried green tomato on it. Yum.

Since it had turned into a nice day, we all walked back to the hotel through the French Quarter. B and I browsed the market along the way, walked through Jackson Square, and then we met up with the other two for some more browsing. It wasnít even 6:30 pm and the Quarter was really hopping Ė but it was a Saturday night, so I guess thatís not unusual at all. (My three previous times in NOLA allowed very limited nightime sightseeing.) We made it an early night. B & I watched a Jimmy Fallon tv special and enjoyed it. Wonder how heíll do on the Tonight Show when he takes over for Jay Leno...

On Sunday we walked a short distance to a nice place for breakfast. Getting to the cruise terminal was a bit of an irritation, or should I say the planning of it was. My friend D and her sis had their car and insisted on working it out so they could also drive B and I over (even though it wasnít far at all), but with all of our luggage, it would have been more than one trip. Turns out it wasnít Ė the hotel valet managed to cram all the luggage in the car. But this wasnít the first occasion in which D would try to plan out every last detailÖ

It was cool, misty & very foggy when we sailed at 4pm, but it didnít interfere with getting settled in our cabins, eating dinner and going to the welcome show that night. Not posting any photos from Sat. & Sun. because I didnít capture much. More tomorrow. Promise I won't be so longwinded!!
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