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Welcome to the party Paisleymama!

for activating our twin mojo MarliQQ! As you already know, 25 pounds in 3 months is awesomesauce. I totally relate to your feelings, though - I always had a hard time feeling like I've done something until I've lost over 50 pounds (which probably explains why I spent a lot of years losing and gaining 50 pounds). Do you have before and after pictures? I was seriously surprised by the HUGE difference the 25 pounds between 250-something and 220-something made in my appearance. Like, shocked when I saw the photos level surprised.

I think there's almost always some setbacks in a journey this long. In January of 2013 I was ALL SET to lose 120 pounds that year. Instead, I lost 50 pounds last year. But I lost 50 pounds and I quit smoking and I'm still at it, so I can't be all that bummed about not hitting my crazy goal! I've taken a maintenance break a few times when I started feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, and it helped to remind myself that as long as I'm not gaining weight, I'm winning. Whenever I felt more mentally/emotionally ready, I could pick up right where I left off!

A regular fitness routine also helps me to stay in the right mindset and see this as a forever thing. My yoga practice has been essential to getting my head on straight during this process.
final goal!

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