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Bandit, good to hear from you. So glad the baby shower went well and the baby was good. Also glad to hear that you've got sun.

We are sunny today, but preparing for another six inches tomorrow. it's supposed to snow, rain, then snow again. For once the weathermen have been completely accurate. This has been one of the toughest winters in a long time. Lots of snow that has nowhere to go. Nothing like Canada, I'm sure, but it's still getting very old.

Going to WW mtg. this morning. My weight will be up, but I avoided the scale last week and I know it's not good to avoid it two weeks in a row.
My appetite is back and that's not fun. Well, I had a nice little losing spree and now I have to remember that I kept my portions small.

Hey, we can do this! Bandit, I like the 10# down by summer. Let's all aim for this.

Have a great day. Onward and downward.
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