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Originally Posted by Sassyblonde View Post
Kale chips are very easy to make. I take a bag of kale-pre chopped pre-washed from Trader Joes or sometimes I just chop up my own. I spread on a baking sheet and spray with an olive oil spray or canola spray. Then I sprinkle it with sea salt and pepper and sometimes garlic powder. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes and then check for desired crispiness and toss. You just have to watch to make she you don't burn them. I like them on the crunchy side . Also just don't overdo the salt or other spices the chips shrink and then it's too salty or garlicky but experiment with it. I've hear kale chips are very very expensive to buy.
Thank you! I'll give them a try!

Originally Posted by FatAbbi View Post
Still no loss, still no stuffing my face. Serious self control at this point.
Hang in there.. if you are sticking to a good eating and exercise plan than it has to work eventually.

And today I made some real progress, I've been chatting to my better half and he's agreed to eat a 'meal' plan - as in better food choices and portion sizes. He has always struggled with his weight but until now has not been keen on eating 'diet' food which meant that I had to prepare and cook separate meals (which of course rarely happened due to the extra work and expense involved). I feel that if we are both eating the same it will be so much easier for us to do this as a team.

and once more in pounds.

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