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WIcked Wednesday, hump day, trash day, week half over offically at noon, what more could a girl ask It was actually 4 degrees this morning rather than -4 like yesterday. Dang heat wave. This weather is killing my ankle. I am going next week for another cortisone shot, owie, it has been 5 mos since the last one, so the doc said it would be ok. I go this Friday to see about this huge ganglion cyst on my wrist. I have had it for years, it just keeps getting bigger, my grip is not too great in that hand. I have tried the slam the book on it ordeal, didn't work. We shall see what the doc says.

Just ate celery and cottage cheese for breakfast. Love both of them. I do sometimes feel like a rabbit. Still at -12.2 lost, but that is ok. I am not stressing over it or trying to win a race or anything. It will come. I am busy worrying and stressing over other things in life right now which may be holding me back on the weight loss. WHo knows.

Tonight is Kiwanas. I really enjoy the meetings and speakers and the best part is I am going with my brother (the one with cancer) so we have some bro/sis time also. Sometimes I just look at him and how positive he is then I get tears in my eyes for my own selfishness. Let's face it, I am a mess right now. Bleh, enough!

HAPPY...I am with you on the SAD thing. I don't have that, but also sick of cold and snow. Well I guess I do have sad but for different reasons. It is time for the race already. Sheesh, seems like you just moved up there last year. Where does time go?

HI PATTY....nice to hear your man is still around and you two are enjoying life together. That is wonderful!

TERRA...good for you on the 8 lbs lost. That is fantastic. I think walking is the best exercise ever. Keep doing what you are doing it seems to be working.

LAURA...I like the picture with the hat sitting on the beach the best. We could all use a few days like that I do believe.

SHADDIE...glad you made it back from the land of OZ. Yes the other drivers C works with feel the same way. Why can't things just be peaceful?

CHELLE...I was up during the night and got to watch the couples skating. They are amazing and so graceful. Looks like I won't ever be doing that. Lol. Good for you pleasing your boss on the project. Brownie points sister.

CEEG...I think maybe next time when this friend wants to stay with you, tell her the hotel is closed or you already have guest during the time she wants to stay. Yikes!

SUSIE...I used to do passports when I worked at another job. I also did visas for Mexico. What a pain in the arse to work with the Mexican consulate in Chicago. I feel for you sister.

I think that is everybody, sorry if I missed someone, we are getting to be a big crowd! Wonder what ever happen to Ellen? Kids and job I suppose. and Ruthie? Holly? hmmmmmmmmmm

Anyway, make it a wonderful Wednesday everyone, stay OP, and smile at a stranger!



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