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Hi guys,

Sorry I didn't check in. Busy day today running errands and doing stuff with the hubster.

Patty welcome back - glad to hear you found happiness with a new guy. May it last a long time Congrats on the weight loss.

I'm not sure how it got interpreted that way but I don't have S.A.D - I'm must tired of it being cold already. Thanks for your concern and suggestions anyway - we have been having lots of sunshine - it's just that the temps have hardly gone over 10 degrees and with a bit of a breeze, it's darn cold going out. I wore jeans today and just about froze in the car until the engine warmed up. Denim is NOT warm.

Terra - you go girl - walking is fantastic exercise. Keep up the good work and stay motivated. Congrats on the pounds down.

Ceejay - did you give up your own bed for your friend??? Yikes. Hope she can go home soon.

Michelle - I was hoping perhaps the change in climate might be a positive for your migraines. Glad the video montage is coming along nicely and it sounds as if you are making a positive difference at the new job. Good for you! It's nice to be doing something you enjoy even if sometimes you're under a crunch to learn something new. I used to love researching new stuff.

Laura - welcome back - loved the contrast and compare pics - you looked happier in the warm sun Hope the weigh in was not too bad - doesn't sound like it would be. Did you get lots of walking in? How did the review go?

Annie - I am so, so sorry to hear about the theft. It certainly sounds as if it was someone who knew them if they brought a dolly to steal the safe. Wow. I feel badly for them because I'm sure that everything in that safe was of sentimental value and is irreplaceable. I hope they catch the Guns can be easily traced which is why they might not have taken many. Sure doesn't sound like a random thing...

Shad - the good thing about the Birkenbeiner is that it breaks up the long winter here They are talking about freezing rain next week - I certainly hope not. Did you get everything done that you wanted to or are you spreading things out for the upcoming weekend?

Susie - the ski race starts 30 miles away and ends on Main street in our town. With so many visitors and racers and the streets blocked off, I have studiously avoided being around for the race. However this year I am working at the Thrift Shop Thursday and one of the volunteers is trying to persuade me and DH to volunteer at a spaghetti fundraiser at church on Friday. The race is Saturday - I will see how bad parking is and if we can get in behind the shop, we might come in early on Saturday to watch the winner and the first few people race to home. Haven't really decided yet. I hate crowds now that I am away from the city but I guess we should experience it at least once. Hope you got a chance to relax for a bit.

Way past my bedtime. Not sure if I will be able to post tomorrow. We might do some stuff, depends on if and how much snow we might get overnight. Talk later chicks...
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