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Atarimae Awesome job getting down to 147! I feel ya on the scale thing though, I can only trust my own also, but I think using this number is great motivation like you said to keep you in check You're going to fly through these 40s!

So had a good Monday and Wed. Rehearsed with the orchestra for my concert on Monday and it went very well. Have another rehearsal tomorrow. I've been good with eating and even managed to get in a little exercise today at lunch Got in 8000 steps today which is really good for me. Slowly I'm upping my steps. The little treats thing is still working really well and I haven't been bingey at all lately since Sunday. I'm so excited bc my treat tomorrow is going to be starbucks Scale was up to 145 today, but I expected as much from extra sodium over the weekend and the almost binge on Sunday. But tonight I was back down to 144(don't you just love when your weight drops during the day? Always makes me feel good) and I'm REALLY hoping to see 142 this week. Gah then I'll only be a couple lbs away from the 30s

Hope everyone has an awesome Wed!
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