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Hello Ladies,
It's been so long since I've posted here but have kept up with some of you on FB. I will try and post more here. So much has gone on these past few months. I got a new boyfriend... going on 8 months now. Life is good. We spent most weekends together, took a vacation with him and his kids (20 and 21). I joined WW 3 weeks ago and have lost 6 pounds. Tomorrow is my weigh in day. I have got to start working out.

Annie - so sorry to hear about your son and DIL break in. I'm glad no one was home, but surprised they could move a safe.. Sounds to me more than 1 person was involved.

Diyana - would love to hear more about the seminar. I'm looking at the one you told me about in Austin. I would love to hear Dr. Dyer speak...

Laura - I won't complain about our weather here. When I see the news up North I always think of you and the walk to the train station. Really loved Chicago and might go back up with boyfriend.

Ceejay - are you still at the water plant? New roommate?

Happy - I think I have SAD too. Have you looked into those lights? I know Brookstone carries them here but hate to pay the price for one.

Shad - is that a photo of your granddaughter? if yes, she is getting big.

Terra and Suzie - nice to meet you. I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Monthly Weigh-in

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