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Default Water Consumption

I have a water consumption question.

I went to weigh in today and I met with a new coach at the clinic (she isnt new, I just haven't ever met with her)

Anyway, I was saying that I thought I would have lost more considering this is the end of my 3rd week and I can honestly say I have not cheated once

She went through my diary day by day and said I am following everything to a T and I am still loosing weight, just slower.

At the end she says, are you getting enough water and I had my water bottle in my hand and I said 'yeah' I drink at least 5 of these a day. She says NOOOOO, you should be drinking 2x that amount. She pointed to my IP diary and said for each box, that it equals one 'regular' bottle of water.

I was checking off 2 boxes for a full bottle of water. But... in the little box it says 8oz, well my water bottle has 16oz of water - so am I right in checking two.

I am confused now, and my regular coach is gone for another week ....
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