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thirti4thirty thanks for joining in. The only thing that has ever helped me make a change is to start with one small thing first, write it down and then cross it off my list as done. I need the writing part AND the crossing it off part. My brain so easily tells me it's not enough, or I have so much it doesn't even matter/didn't make a dent. It's all not true.

You'll see that several of us list what we intend to do, or what we have done here in this forum and this is how we stay accountable to ourselves and celebrate our successes. Thanks for posting.

AS FOR ME: today I am cutting up the cardoard boxes that have not made it to the garbage for two weeks. They are big boxes but they have got to go. They are taking up BIG space in this small apartment of mine. I am resistant as I loathe the sound of cutting up cardboard with a box cutter. But it has to be done. I even have the butcher's string that our town asks us to use to tie up the cardboard for the recycle guy. I can do that. Garbage day is Wednesday. I am also moving all the stuff out of the kitchen today and freeing up the kitchen table and chairs.

Time to face my stuff.
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