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Okay... Fifteen facts about me..... Holy Goddess.....

1. I have participated in medieval reenactment since I was born and absolutely love it.
2. I am very artistic and love sculpting with clay and painting ceramics.
3. Iím a student at Job Corps pursuing Business Technologies and my high school diploma.
4. I love music and wish I was more musically inclined.
5. Iím Wiccan
6. Iím planning on getting my first tattoo on my wrists. Theyíre going to be semicolons with my friend Justinís name and the day he died on one, and my boyfriendís name and his birthday with a hyphen on the other. My friend Justin committed suicide last May and my boyfriend attempted suicide last summer. The semicolon is to represent the attempt. Because our lives are sentences, and we are the authors. And when an author uses a semicolon, itís because they could have ended the sentence there, but for whatever reason, they didnít. And the same goes for suicide, whether attempted or committedÖ.
7. Along with being an artist, Iím a writer. I love writing, but never seem to finish what I start. Iím currently working on a based-on-live-events story about my life at Job Corps.
8. I was bullied when I was younger (and, well, up until I came to Job Corps!) for being chubby, but most of all, because I was shy. Iíve mostly grown out of my shyness, but still have issues being in large groups of people I donít know.
9. Iím currently learning how to use Microsoft Office Access, and secretly hope I never have to use it for anything ever, because itís a pain in my *** and I hate it. Lolll
10. When I do make friends, Iím very loyal.
11. I hate broken promises.
12. I am terrified of airplanes (Thanks to my overactive imagination) but I have to fly out to Arizona on the 20th of this month for my grandmotherís funeral. On the plus side, I get ten business days away from class, and I get to make my grandmaís urns.
13. My grandma is the whole reason Iím an artist, and I was devastated when I found out she passed away. But, I know that sheís in the Summerland now, and that Iíll see her again soon. And now she can look down on me and see just how amazing Iíve come to be.
14. I love love LOVE astrology and anything having to do with horoscopes and the stars.
15. My biggest barrier to losing weight, is myself. I always tell myself ďToday, Iím going to lose a little of this weightĒ and then never do anything about itÖ But Iíve come to see everything I do as losing just a little of this horrible weight. It helps that when I saw my family for Christmas after being gone for three months, they all asked if I had lost any weight since I looked thinner. Which was awesome!!
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