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Default WW Points , new to site

Hello. This form of support and motivation is very new to me. I googled 'not eating all daily points' and found great suggestions here. So, I registered and hope to continue with this format.

A little background- I'm almost 46 years old and have never been this heavy. It's a good news, bad news thing. Bad news is I suffer from Crohn's disease, so almost any food, or food plan, is a challenge. I am a former anorexic, lowest weight 85, in 2003. The Good news, sort of, I have MOST DEFINITELY conquered the anorexia, and the Crohn's Disease is currently in remission. Therefore the reason I'm trying to go from 180-130. Seeing the 180 and not fitting anything really freaked me out. Not worried about old habits. I've been very, very thin and very, very unhealthy. I certainly prefer a few extra pounds and feeling good. Unfortunately, I have really gotten heavy. Finally had to do something, when I got 20 additional pounds for Christmas, and shortness of breath doing simple tasks. Must admit I have started and re-started a few times. Will power is in short supply. I have no one or nothing to blame but myself and my love for cake and cookies. That's why WW seems to be a good fit for me. There are many things to satisfy my sweet tooth that will not add to my already tipping the scale number.

New to WW, and not eating my 26. Thank you everyone who took the time to post all the wonderful suggestions I am going to incorporate. I finally got the first 5 off!! It IS much harder to lose after 30, and menopause is just an added bump in the road. I think I'm in a good routine now. I will be able to eat my 26 for sure now, and I do get to work out everyday!! That is helping.

I'm hoping to gain more useful information on making WW work. In addition to that, I'm thrilled to be motivated, and inspired, by all of the other posts I've read.

Please keep them coming. If anyone ever feels that all their work goes unappreciated, DONT!!!! I'm reading, and because I'm reading, I'm not eating a cupcake!! I'm reaching for a yogurt instead. Thank you all!!!!!
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