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This is why weight ranges and BMI is total crapola.

That's one of my major problems with BMI calculations. Yes, it can tell you someone's obese. Weighing in a 230 while 5"5' is obese (I can tell that by looking). But 151 at 5"5' is an overweight BMI. Which maybe true for some frames but not all. It's the same reason when looking at before and after pics you can find people with your same height/weight, but look either skinnier or larger than you. Not all people are meant to carry weight the same, and being fit usually involves a hunk of muscle (And I'm not talking about being 200 lbs and claiming that your weight is bones and muscle.)

Ignore Dr. Oz, listen to your body and what makes you feel good & happy about your body. Healthy doesn't mean rail thin (but rail thin CAN be healthy). If you are concerned about whether your weight is healthy. You might consider a physical to determine your heart health, breathing, you can get a fat % done, and what ever else you are curious about that will help you better understand what your PERSONAL ideal weight is.

Goal List
-Hit Onederland 1/31/14
-No Longer Obese (185) 3/27/14
-Under 170 by my Birthday
-Healthy BMI (155)
-Goal Weight (143??)
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