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Good Morning, Flowers! Another below 0 morning, sunshine, and wind in my corner of the world. We counted and balanced fast this morning and I was back home in a little over an hour. I will have 3 weeks "off" since the banks aren't open next Monday. For some reason my isp is super slow this morning. I need to vacuum, dust, and work on laundry this morning.

"Gma" -- I can't imagine how you must have felt after the ordeal at the women's center! I hope the procedure was done "right" the first time! I hurt just thinking about it. You will have the extra pounds gone when you start to feel like cooking again. I should have gone through the doll stuff years ago; I probably wouldn't be so fussy but my mom made a lot of doll clothes when Beth was little. I also have a bride doll of my own with a complete wardrobe my mom made. The doll's head was held on by a rubberband that rotted over the years. Bob had it redone one year for Christmas, but Beth no longer played with dolls by then.

Maggie -- I guess you have to look at a maintain as being better than a gain. I know I do better when I write down everything. I get lazy and think I can do it in my head, and eventually give up. You are brave to be out and about when it is so cold. I try to do all my errands at one time so I can stay home once I get here. I love my heated car seats but am usually almost home by the time they are toasty warm.

I need to get busy before the morning slips away. Enjoy your day!
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