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Hey Hey Everyone,

I'm here, usually lurking. Not a heck of a lot to add to the conversations right now given that my intent is to GAIN weight. One of the most emotionally draining things I've ever done. Way harder then sticking with Phase 1 consistently for a year. Probably because I worked hard at getting it off and now I must be ok with gaining for baby. No I'm not looking for sympathy I truly know that I should be gaining some weight but whoa I think my metabolism is COMPLETELY shot. I am not having ANY treats and my body is NOT happy. BUT, I'm healthy and so far so is baby so that's all that matters. WHICH is the internal conversation I have with myself almost mulitple times a day. Which is the most emotionally draining aspect, it's a roller coaster.

Lizz: Saw your post on the pregnant forum, boy that place is dead! Course I'm not helping but there's only so much you can post there. LOL Way more interesting over here even though I'm only lurking.

Maile: With you on the sucralose, sometimes it's the lesser of the two evils when it comes to sugar or that. I haven't deleted it completely and probably have no future intent on deleting it completely. (Sorry if that offends anyone). I just choose not to have sugar.

Lulu: When I was maintaining with fun days it was more or less a fun late afternoon and or meal. Not the entire day but most definately at the beginning it was the entire day! :/ (yet I still laugh at that). My weekly range was 4-5 lbs. I knew which day where I was suppose to be eventually. I knew on Wednesday what number I wanted so I could be the lowest in the week for fun day (meal). The anxiety of "omg I'm going to gain it all back" lessens over time but I don't think it EVER goes away...just flares up once in a while.

I don't know who talked about carbs with their supper (lulu?)....but I am with sarita, I wouldn't be having peanut butter with a toast at night. I kept them all pretty much separate (google "MACRO NUTRIENT SEPARATION" and you can find out more - it's not a new concept and not invented by Ideal Protein). The only meal I kept them all together was (for the most part still is) with my breakfast. I generally don't have simple carbs for supper and will have a complex carb for a snack (fruit with protein).

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