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Good morning chicks!!! Raining and cold. They weather men are saying freezing rain for us this afternoon. Round 4. I'm sick of winter. Maybe that's why I'm in a rut with my diet. I do well and then I do horrible. As the scale slowly creeps up I struggle more. I have lost my will power. I'm still trying some of the time so I haven't lost it entirely. It's mainly camping that I lose it. 2 more weekends left.

Lucinda~ welcome back!! You can talk about anything you need on this site. These ladies are awesome and very helpful.

Gia~ welcome! Im up at 5 am every morning but don't usually get on that early.

Liana~ you look awesome in that pic. Have fun at the wedding. Congrats on getting in the formal after 5 years.

Donna I make dessert every weekend at the camp. Sometimes it's brought and left at neighbors camp. I usually do ok t
With that. The bad thing is when the supper is at my camp and desserts stay. Saturday night the supper was at my camp. I made 2 apple pies. The Friday night I had made cinnamon crumb cake and they brought leftovers to my camp. Then another couple showed up with king cake. So I had 4 desserts at my camp. Enough to kill me. Sunday they came and ate again for lunch and I sent most of it away. There is 1 price of pie still on my counter about to kill me. Hopefully dh eats it tonight or I'm throwing it.

Mary~ did you get to see your dr yet about the itching. How is the new shampoo working? Yes Mary I do have a daycare. For 21 years now. I'm 52 but starting to feel aches and pains.

Karen31~hi. Sometimes busy is good. It helps with my eating. How is Tim doing?

Lynn how are you doing? Made any decisions yet on if you move to fl or not.

Rosey~ love the lady cave thought. I'm sure the family were very appreciative for your donation. Yes rosy I do have a daycare in my home. I've done this for 21 years and counting.

Karen fl. May need to hear you to yell at me.

Lotakids~ welcome. How many of your kids are still at home? What an awesome job you are doing with your weight loss.

Sorry if I missed anyone.

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