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Default New! Compulsive Eater Battling Depression

Hi all - been a lurker on 3FC for quite awhile, but never noticed the Depression and Weight Issues forum. If I had, I would have posted here sooner.

I practice Intuitive Eating, which basically means I "try" to only eat when my stomach is empty. Often, I eat out of emotional need, which I don't beat myself up about, but I work towards finding other coping mechanisms whenever possible.

I have had treatment resistant depression for over 30 years. It is fairly genetic - every one on my mother's side has battled similar depression for most of their lives. If you saw all of us, you would say, "Wow, they look so dragged out..." It's sad, but we look like the walking dead, like the weight of the world is bearing down on our shoulders. We even talk slow. It's not cool.

The worst part is the fatigue. I'm also periodically iron-deficient anemic, which doesn't help.

In any case, I'm here for support, a way to cope without diving into the chocolate and chips. Hope to find some good people to share and commiserate with!
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