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Lulu64: What helped me to maintain was chosing a range to stay in..not just sticking to one pound. A 3 percent up or down has been recommended...some people use a 5 pound limit up or down. Hang in there.. You can do it.

lizrr: Have a great race. That is great that you have lost 10 pounds while nursing. I recently got a pedometer and am using it to increase my steps during the day. It is fun! P3 sounds like a healthy way to go!

eandc: I usually am hungry during phase 1. Hope yours is going well.

2much2do: I move between P1 and P3 with no phase 2. It is too bad your coach is not more helpful.

Infoplease: Have you tried the dried peanut butter? That is good on cottage cheese and may not upset your stomach.

Joysh: Hang in there. I know those conferences are rough on P1. I hope you figure out a successful P1 for you. Have you tried cutting back on fats and eating lower fat foods? I do that when I want to get down.

Lolo: That was interesting information on how the body works. I can feel like a camel with water retention.
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