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Well I hate to admit it, but it wouldn't be helpful if I lied, but I had to reset my phase 2 nutrition goal. I ate out on my own and I chose to eat out with the boyfriend even though I could have cooked. What's worse is that it really wasn't even worth it, I was just feel bummed out from everything and couldn't be bothered to cook! So, I'm going to reset my nutrition goal and work at it again. My exercise plan is still on the go though, just need to work out this weekend on strength and hopefully fit in a run and all will be well! Might get a little confusing passing one goal and not the other, but oh welly!

Life is getting a little chaotic now that I'm moving out of the apartment next week. I spent literally 3 hours taking down pictures/posters from the walls and removing all the blu tac marks. It was insane! Remind me not to put up so many pictures in my next place... I advertised the things I need to sell, managed to sell my bed already so huzzah! But I know things are only going to get stressful next week leading up to the move. Got a list to get through, but one step at a time.

Starting to think about life after my job ends and honestly I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to get back on track with my eating/exercising habits. I mean, I will of course still follow this challenge, but I want to be able to push myself when I don't have a job. I'm also going to be cooking for me and my friends, so I want to find healthy, tasty recipes that will impress rather than really boring, quickly made meals with no true nutrition. So that's another bonus to losing my job I guess, more ME time to get healthy!

I'm not huge on Valentine's day, but I'll be spending this weekend with my boyfriend and I'm quite looking forward to getting away from everything. A bit like Dott last week! I'll probably still think "oh, I still have to do ___" but I hope a change of environment helps. Plus there's a park I like to run in at his place so I hope to get my run in there. As for Valentine's Day, well I think we'll just go out for a meal!


Dott - You're doing so awesome!! You're picking yourself up when you fall, realising not to put too much pressure on yourself and OWNING this challenge! You're our number 1 after all!! Couldn't be more proud and inspired. Haha, good job on not whining. I get so antsy when my boyfriend is looking at things I don't really care about at that moment in time, I can be really impatient! So I commend your patience. Sounds like you had a great weekend, very vegan inspired it seems! I bet it was a nice break away from the performance related stress.

Silver - I hate planks too! They're the worse, I think I always do them wrong too...hard to keep my butt in the air!

kailpea - Don't worry, I'm right there with you! I really want this challenge to be a no pressure challenge. Try and think of it as resetting your goal, not failing it. We need to work hard to make these huge lifestyle changes, it isn't always going to be an easy ride. But soon enough you'll be crushing your later goals and what seems hard now will be easy peasy. We can do it!!
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

Goal 1: Halfway point to borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI~ 165 lbs
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Goal 5: Lighter than Boyfriend ~ 145 lbs
Goal 6: Halfway point to Healthy BMI ~ 140 lbs
Final Goal: Midpoint of healthy BMI range (21.6) ~ 130 lbs
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