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Good morning kids....I think I finally broke through the plateau I've been on for over a year. Started my own version of low carb about 2 weeks ago, and lost 2 pounds. That's an accomplishment for me because I lose very slowly. I got most of the weight off with WW but then there was a long stall.

Welcome lotsakids (Other Donna). I can't imagine having 11 children, and still having time for myself. You are truly an inspiration. I have 2 children, and 4 grandkids. Now at my age I wish I had had more. Bless you and your wonderful family....that's what it's all about.

Liana, I can relate when it comes to keeping DH to stick to a diet. Mine needs to lose but insists on having his sweets. He will have a salad for lunch, and then snickers or a jelly doughtnut. He thinks having the salad will do the job. I won't give up trying to get him off the sweets.

Welcome Lucinda, and good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Kudos to you for doing the spin bike.

Maryea and jess1 (DonnaToo), I try to keep Sunday for my free day but not a pigout day...which is very easy to do.

, you are gorgeous, and so sexy looking in your black dress. You will definitely turn heads at the wedding....have fun.

I think I might be about the only one who comes here in the early morning. I'm usually up and out of bed between 4 and 5 am. I get to bed between 8 and 9pm, so about 6 hours is enough for me.

Hope I didn't miss anyone but if I did, I would like to wish you all a happy and blessed Tuesday.

I can't seem to get my ticker to read 147 instead of 150 since I lost. I would appreciate any help on changing the figures...TIA

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