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Hi Twins!
TOM is hella early...but this explains my moods, going to tmi now , so I beg your pardon, but this time it came with cramps. I rarely get cramps, so this sucks. Imagine going to your local DMV on your first full day of TOM, going early on a Monday, everybody is at work and school?, and BAM! you got lines, restless peoples, they hand you a number, wait in line . That was my morning. You know the sterotyped woman on TOM, who is crying, angry, and just an annoyance to be around??....Well, that's me, just less crying and more angry. I think a lot of people I came across today, got what I like to characterize, as "decisive statements" and "the look" .
I still got a full workout in today, miraculously. I am also under my calories, miraculously. I even had soda today, haven't had any for two months, I usually only allow myself soda during TOM, fizz fizz fizz, a feel good for my feel bad .

Skittlez Can relate here, you worded it well. I think something new for me, is waking up hungry. I used to just wake up and feel...I guess satiated, understandably, because I was a midnight snacker . This allowed me to feel much better about skipping breakfast during the weekdays, however during the weekends, ate a big breakfast, well, like you said, because it was time .
Now, if I'm busy in the morning (which is like every weekday), I still will skip or delay breakfast, and more than likely I am eating a big lunch to balance it all out.

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