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Originally Posted by davina View Post
Thank you so much. I do things like drive thankfully, Im not fully housebound...Certain things I haven't done like been inside a shopping mall in a few years, walmarts,etc...I could live without those places but even grocery stores give me a problem, I will run in quickly and get a few things...actually thats been a big problem I can't leisurely buy groceries anymore so I eat mostly fast food....whereas before I would have a long grocery list with my meal plans and take my time in the store You are right I will have to force myself one of these days ...
One exercise I could do instead of walking is find a public swimming pool so I need to look into that as well...if I get the courage to put on a swim outfit
Try online grocery shopping. They deliver and you dont even have to open them the door. I agree with the previous posts: your doctor should change the depression meds. As some help with anxiety. A sign they work is you will find yourself realizing you are "worried/afraid" about a situation but going into it anyways as if you were floating outside your body. You must seek therapy. There is no med that can help without therapy. Good luck...
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