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Had my 2nd WI today. Lost 3.2 lbs since last Monday. I am happy but feel ridiculous to admit I am also disappointed. It is crazy really, considering I have lost 10.5 lbs since January 25th. I think it is because I lost so much in week 1, that this is a letdown. I know that most women lose a little over 2 per week, but I guess I am just impatient to lose what took me a few years to put on. My brain recognizes realistic expectations, but my heartand my mirror don't......right?

Okay, pity party is over since 3.2 lbs IS an achievement and I have definitely lost inches. Mostly in chest and waist, but none in arms and hips. I can definitely see it in my face too.

I have been very disciplined, with no cheats. My problem has been incorporating the sea salt and eating the fourth IP meal. I have had three days that I didn't do the fourth, and one day that I only got two in. I am trying to be diligent and yesterday began adding my salt to my shakes or pudding. I rarely add salt to anything, so oddly enough that is my main challenge.

I appreciate the support of everyone here and take a lot of heart from others' stories and successes. Let the transformation continue.
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