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Afternoon all,
Yes I am back from the land of Oz and back at work (2nd day - not as bad as the first). I had a good time with the family and friends. I got my implant tooth looked at and my hair cut and coloured but due to a complete b*llsup at the optometrist (not only theirs, mine too) I didn't get to see her. Not to worry, if things get bad, then I will go to one here and get my paperwork faxed over from the other place.
I managed to see most of the people I set out to see. Missed a couple but that's okay. That's life. But everything was surrounded by food. Dinner on Thursday night - Malaysian. Dinner on Friday night - Indian. Dinner on Saturday night - barbecue. Plenty to drink and probably not more than 3 hours sleep per night. So I am not surprised that the scale hasn't moved. I would have started back on the exercise this morning, but my niece has decided to have a show and tell night of the photos taken during her pregnancy and the baby photos taken shortly after birth until now. So I am off to her place tonight for one of M's dinners which generally cater for the rank and file members of the 8th Army. Slept like a log last night I might add - although that might have had something to do with the 'Snore n Peace' tea just before bedtime. Or then again, the weekend might have caught up with me.

Happy - Sorry to hear that you are suffering S.A.D and cabin fever. Can't (and don't want to) imagine what that would be like. Here it is getting cooler in the mornings and evenings and the days are drawing in, but it isn't bad yet.
The Birken is coming around again??!! Where did the time go. Only seems like yesterday that you were talking about last years run.

Annie - Hope C's business comes right for him. It's ridiculous when the middle management can not find common ground. It's their heads on the block as well - don't they realise this? Are the other drivers feeling like C is???

Laura - Welcome home. Glad to hear you have a day off to do whatever with. Makes it worthwhile that does. Stress and the pain of getting up for work will come soon enough tomorrow.
Nice that you had a great time.

Michelle - Hope you have finished that 'little job' for the friend. Things always take longer than expected.

Ceejay - cryptic little note there. Pulled the new guy?????

Terra - walking is great exercise. It really has to be my favourite. So you are doing well with 45 minutes per outing. Is this outside or do you go to a gym?
We are a nosy lot. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Okay, best go and grovel to a bloke. I need some help to do something. He owes me a couple of favours. Maybe I will take him a banana - sweeten him up.

Oh yes someone asked about Jen. No I have heard nothing from her at all since Mel died. I sent her a Christmas letter and never heard back from that. She should be in the new apartment by now. I must try again - if I ever get a chance to stay home on a weekend. Chris (from Japan) wants to go to a craft market sometime in the coming weekend. I have to deliver a couple of gifts that I brought back with me from the family to various people and I need to do some shopping for food as well. Doesn't seem like there will be much downtime there.
Better buzz.
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