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Long work day. I came in at 7 and I"m getting ready to leave. I feel a bit defeated; we did everything we could to get a multiple entry visa to China for my boss and couldn't make it happen. There will be two days of meetings he will have to call-into in Manilia instead of going in person. The issue is, he needs to come back into China after Manilia but he can't so he has to stay in China. We just cut it to close on his passport. We thought he needed a new one to get the Visa he needed but he didn't get back from his other trip in time to send the passport in for renewal and get it back. It all became such a mess.

Hi Terra--I'm new to this group but I sure love them. A LOT of support here. We are at the same weight so it will be good to have someone here with me as we work to get those scales down

Welcome home Laura: You sound so relaxed from your trip. I can't wait to see pictures!

Shad: Are you back to work from your holiday?

Ceejay: What does it mean they have pulled the new guy?

Annie: you have a lot going on, especially with your brother.

Happy: Will you go watch the cross country ski race?

Michelle: What a project with the video but you sound like you enjoy it!

Ok..I'm heading home and I'm relaxing on the couch.

See you all tomorrow.

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