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Other fermented foods that are awesome to add to your diet:
sauerkraut and kefir - as ItGoesCrunch already mentioned
yogurt and buttermilk
unpasteurized artisan cheese
fermented ketchup or hot sauce

If you're interested in fermented foods, you might enjoy the books 'Jungle Effect' or 'Deep Nutrition' - they both touch on the importance of whole foods, and holistic preparation methods that improve bioavailability.

EDIT: Sorry, realized I didn't actually address the OP's question - a lack of diversity in digestive flora tends to be a correlative factor in obesity, and probiotic/prebiotic supplementation offers the most promising results when considered IN CONJUNCTION with reduction of processed foods and increase in whole foods, as well as moderate physical activity. Digestive flora diversity has been explored due to the potential importance of the effect on bioavailability of nutrients as well as the metabolism of certain compounds into more 'beneficial' forms; there is also the possibility that a healthy diversity in our personal microbiome can help regulate low-level chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any specific forms of fermentation that include the phylum you've mentioned.

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