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Welcome Donna and Lucinda! I remember you Lucinda and so glad you have come back to us! Donna I seem to remember your name, have you been to this forum before? Anyway glad to have you! It's amazing really that you even have time for us with all those kids! Even grown children seemed to involve us in their lives often...I have four grown children (ages 48 (49 next mo) to 36. and 10 grandchildren (ages 24 to 1 1/2), plus another one we have claimed as our grandchild (age 9) even though she has one set of grandparents already. Her biological father is not in her life so we have become her second set of grandparents.

We still have lots of snow but the temp is beginning to rise so I think it will be melting soon. We are thinking about trying to get to the grocery store this afternoon. I think the main roads will probably be fine.

I ate too much yesterday so no stats ...I am reprimanding myself enough and have decided no more popcorn and frappa only once a day. I can get too carried away with these things. At least I got in 34 gms of fiber and my cals were only 1704. While this is too high to lose, at least it wasn't a real binge.
If I miss popcorn too much, I may try the no-butter or at least light kind but I really don't care for them.

Jess - Hope the two free days work for you. Unfortunately having even one free day does too much damage to me as I tend to binge eat. With my diabetes esp that is suicide. Sundays have always been my "free" day but I am realizing now I can't even do that. You are probably more disciplined than I since you can make cookies...having cookies around will do me in.

Cana - Your dh is doing very well! He is lucky to have you guiding him and preparing healthy meals. I am inspired by your posts about him. I am now keeping a list of healthy "power" foods on my fridge and trying too plan my meals around it. Then I allow myself a few other things here and there but in limits. Am hoping it will help me. Even though I overate yesterday it was nothing like I often do on Sundays. And I too am learning I can eat much more if it is all healthy foods. Preparing meals is so important too...some days we just snack ...esp on Sundays and that's become a problem for me. I too drink the sleepy time tea most nights and it does help.

ETA: I made a mistake on the age of my oldest gc.

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