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Hiya, Dottington! So sorry, I haven't been very much of a chatter bug...mostly just logging in, viewing a few threads, then logging out. Yikes! Great job on controlling the binge though! Your Mexican style breakfast from the previous post...oh my, there goes my craving radar!

Sooo, as every other weekend for me goes, this one was another family dinner-filled weekend that revolved around curry and white rice, then Krispy Kreme donuts. Yep, my yolo day was on Saturday this time though, so I had three small pieces of a donut as well as almost binge-worthy amount of cookies! Eh, it's quite alright I guess, since the next day, the scale had only went up 0.2lbs. It made me wonder if the whole calorie cycling thing (even on bad cals) really did affect me at all!

Yesterday was back to normal...sort of. Sandwich for lunch, half a mug of black bean soup for a snack, chili frank, no rice for dinner. It's kind of nice that I can still eat the foods that are deemed bad, because I watch sugar intake versus calories (most of the time!). Although I guess it can get frustrating when people don't realize I'm restricting what I eat and then it makes me look like the fatty!

Regardless, scale is down to 147.0! So that is my weigh-in for the week. Granted, it is on a different scale - one that I had always assumed weighs less than expected. For that reason, instead of feeling like it's a cheat number, I'll use it as motivation to prove to myself next, week on my scale, that it was accurate after all! Happy Monday everyone! Off to take my grandma on some errands. Though...we're having lunch after. I might have to give into some not-as-good choices, depending on where we go!

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