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Hi ladies,

Monday Monday rolls around again. At least I didn't have to get up in the cold and dark and go to work

Next week we have a HUGE cross country ski race in town. People come from all over the world to participate. The last 2 years we barely had snow up to the point of the race only to get enough at the last minute. Now we have lots of snow, it's been no higher than temps in the teens and everything looks good. Looked at the weather forecast for next week (which of course can change in a minute). It looks like early next week the temps are supposed to warm to 30 degrees - something we haven't seen since probably last November. On Wednesday they are forecasting rain and sleet conditions which will certainly mess up the groomed race trails. I'm sure the Birkie people are just shaking in their boots - I sense there will be a lot of praying next week. It would be a shame because you just can't change or reschedule the race at the last minute and with conditions over the last few years there is talk of us losing (hosting) the race altogether. We'll see what happens.

Starting to fell the effects of the long winter. I would just like to get outside for a day and breathe some fresh warmer air and feel the sun on my skin. Looking out a sunny window just isn't the same. Right now we have brilliant sun but it's only 0 degrees (1C) outside.

Michelle - glad to hear the montage is coming along nicely. DH once put together an online album of family pictures so I know what a labor of love this can be - most intensive - you are a good friend to do this and I'm sure the results will be amazing. Thanks for your compliments - it's nice to do something good for the animals. Great idea with the pet food and sales - I will have to watch for that. We tend to donate cat food as people tend to be more involved with the dogs so we have championed the cats. But they use the dog food a lot to dole out meds so I will pick up a few cans the next time I am shopping. Are you still getting the migraine headaches?

Laura - welcome back - glad you had a great time. You missed some awful weather while you were gone - good time to be away! Funny how DB forgot to bring your winter coat. Will be a cold walk tomorrow but you will be the only one in the office with color! That's nice that you picked up your friend's forgotten package. So what are sea legs? I thought it was the opposite - learning to walk on a surface (like the ship) that is constantly moving slightly - is your body trying to adjust to not moving now??

Annie - thanks for clarifying. It IS very sad to see the company going to the dogs due to mismanagement. In that line of business I think they have to be more forward thinking especially when it comes to bucking trends away from some of their product lines. Reinventing and capitalizing on the fact that people DO still want to purchase their goods. Can't blame C for worrying - I think we all want job stability even if we don't go tap dancing into the office with joy each morning. I'm sorry to hear about your brother but there is still hope if the cancer has not spread beyond the lymph nodes. Will offer some extra prayers for his recovery. It sounds as if you need some cheering - I think Sissy will have just the thing for you if you can just hold out a little longer My sister said that she lost some weight last week (even with not the best eating) because of all that shoveling non stop. I guess the snow even if we crab about it - is good for something.

I did go back to MFP last night and added back in food for the past 3 days. Might have missed a snack or two but I got most of it. Down a pound today which really doesn't mean anything but I can't look at it that way - just make sure I don't gain it back next week.

Shad - are you back on "your other" home base and into the work week? I take it you had a good time on your short visit home.

Hi Terra - welcome. You are right - you didn't wake up one morning with a bunch of new found weight - probably the biggest test of patience is do go slow so it will stay off. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Susie - they gave me Cipro once and geez o pete is that a STRONG antibiotic. It's too harsh on my stomach but I'm glad you have enough to get in front of a UTI when you need it. We have a bunch of Fern Michaels books at the thrift shop. My Mom enjoyed her books but I guess she's taken more of a tact of romance writer now. It's good to have something you can get lost in after a hard day of working and thinking. That's why I liked watching cooking shows.

Ceejay - I hope the weather cleared enough so that your company decided to leave and you have peace and quiet back in your life again.

Didn't do much yesterday - did some cleaning and laundry. Went through some boxes of papers but didn't get to finish. Watched the Beatles special on TV as well as a bit of the Olympics. I like the skating. Hard to believe it's been 50 years since the Beatles changed music. I often wonder at it goes with a phenomenon like them - was it just the right thing coming together at the time - could they or Elvis been as successful if they were first starting out? Remember Helen Reddy or Anne Murray who were leaders at first and faded into obscurity... A friend sent me a website link of Old Chicago things - people, places and things that have faded away. It was a fun remembrance of days gone by. Life sure has changed...

Anyway before I wax nostalgic for days that weren't as good as I probably thought they were, better go get some lunch in my tummy. Have a good kick off to the work week.
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