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Hey guys! How was everyone's weekend??!!

My weekend was awesome, it was so nice to get away and visit my bf in LA. The small treats worked too except for Sunday night. During the day we went and explored around downtown, going to MOCA, eating at and incredible gluten free vegan place for lunch, then to the fashion district where I got a new blouse and a pair of shoes. It was so much fun and we were really active overall this weekend. But yeah last night I was having intense cravings for pizza and cake
I tried ignoring it, made us a healthy dinner of gluten free pasta with lots of veggies and homemade creamy tomato vegan sauce but still it wasn't leaving. I ended up eating a bunch of chocolate and was about to just go all out and eat everything in sight but managed to stop myself. I realized eating wasn't making me feel better and nothing was going to satisfy my cravings anyways. I was very proud of myself for catching myself before I went too nuts with eating. So yeah Friday and Sat were good with cals from 1600-1700 then Sunday was up to 2200. But really, its not that bad because we really were very active, its lower then normal, and I managed to stop myself from a crazy binge.

The only thing that sucks is I forgot to bring my scale, so I'm feeling anxious about that I hope my weigh-in tomorrow morning isn't too depressing!
Hope everyone has a great week!
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