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silverfire-yeah I think little treats throughout the week work for some, but not others. It seems other people do well being super strict all week then having a meal/day of eating whatever they like instead of a little treat each day. You will totally get to 2 min planks by the end of this journey! Great job on completing week 1 of goal two

kailpea- Try not to beat yourself up too much. This challenge is about discovering yourself and I think a lot of us are realizing that some of these early goals we thought would be easy are harder then we realized, especially if you have a busy week it can be really hard to get in. You made your nutritional goal though which is great! You will get your goals accomplished and there really is no rush because its about making these lifelong habits. One week really isn't that big of a set back in the whole scheme of things at all. Also, maybe if that area of the gym is too intimidating you could try at home strength training? Either body weight exercises, or buying some weights and the New Rules of Lifting for Woman, or looking up at home exercises? Or maybe you could arrange a meeting with a trainer at the gym to go over the equipment one time? I agree, that area is really intimidating. In fact, I think gyms are so intimidating all together I refuse to go! I do all my workouts at home or in nature Best of luck!

Rie-How's the job/living situation going? Hope you're doing well!

I was really happy with my weekend It was so nice to get away and see my bf in LA. Sat we looked at cars since he's looking to buy a new one, and it was boring and long and tiring but I managed not to complain and whine too much For food I made us an epic mexican inspired breakfast that kept us pretty full till a late lunch/early dinner at this vegan restaurant I like. Then we decided to have a drink and relax at home in the evening. I had a bottle of pear cider and he had some plain whiskey. It was fun. Then yesterday went to downtown. Went to MOCA, which was weird and entertaining. Then walked to this gluten free vegan place that had the most incredible food! I was seriously in awe. Then to the fashion district where I got a new blouse and shoes. Also got in exercise both Sat and Sunday! My calories were pretty good, except yesterday I went over. I started having crazy cravings for pizza and cake Which then lead me to eating too much chocolate but finally stopped because I realized eating wasn't making me feel better and nothing was going to satiate the cravings anyways. So I was proud of myself for stopping what could have been a binge and being aware of myself.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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