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Hey infoplease...I was not able to respond to your comment last week b/c they closed the thread so I posted in the daily chat (I think) before the weekend. Anyways, I hope you were able to catch it.

Hey all. Today is day 6 of my 30 day phase 1 reboot. Have been maintaining for over a year but needed to get rid of 10ish lbs and then maybe dip a little bit lower too. Anyhow, I have not felt really too hungry this time around. Also, my cravings are not too bad. Been using EAS shakes mostly to save some $$$ than previously and was wondering if this is something I should be concerned with. Before in phase 1 I found myself dying some days (most days) from hunger but its different now. This ever happen to anyone when doing a phase 1 day/week/restart?
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