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Originally Posted by Larry H View Post
amandie - You gave me some great ideas. I went to the muffin post and read the recipe. They sound great. How is the texture? I love the idea they suggested of adding fresh rasberries to taste like a PB & Jam muffin. I wonder if you can substitute part of the peanut butter for PB2? I imagine the recipe needs some of the PB oil for consistancy but possibly could be reduced. You added an extra banana in place of part of the PB. How did that work for you? Cabbage rolls lasagna style sound like a food I would like to make. I like your "NOMATO" it would be a change from the common tomato sauce.
I have yet to try fruit. The first time I made it was in a loaf pan and the texture was great, I was shocked that there was no flour. Since you went to the page, I'm sure you saw my ginormous picture of the banana bread. Frankly, when I had already started the muffin/bread recipe, I found that I only had half cup of peanut butter on hand so I made that up with an extra banana and oats on top, not mixed in like I did the second time. Oh I forgot, I did add a tbsp or two of oil because I was worried about the bread sticking to the pan due to using only half cup of PB. I was happy since the PB flavor was a bit strong (for me and I love peanut butter!) The second time baking as muffins was okay, the texture was not the same as the first time and it was a bit wet, not sure where I went wrong. Although, from now on, only loaf pans with this recipe.

I thought about using PB2 but scared to try. Perhaps next time, I will.

As for the nomato, I got it off the internet somewhere since I have bad reflux and am trying to avoid too much tomato products which is a shame since I love it so much. The nomato sauce is a bit sweet so a bit of salty broth or some salt and/or acidity should help with that if you're not a fan.

Thanks for sharing all those tips and ideas, Larry. Much appreciated!!!

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