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You mean you don't consume nuts by the fistful while standing in front of a kitchen cupboard, thinking about something else entirely?

I'm in the CT office for the first time in maybe three weeks, due to my week of vacation and then ill-timed snowstorms that always wiped out the roads on my usual days in my office share. I feel like I have to readjust to civilization, lights, noise, other people, and making small talk. Even getting here was a bit of a victory because more snow fell overnight and the traffic was heavy and slow. Also, we're supposed to get another Nor'easter later in the week, so I suppose I should run errands and get in my human contact while the sun shines.

I keep telling myself, what good is all this heroic work of mine in the gym, even on the darkest, snowiest days, when I keep eating and eating?

I swear that this oppressed feeling makes me act out in ways that my ancestors would understand, and that under these conditions, you eat as many withered berries, moldy tree-nuts and animal meat as you can possibly scavenge. I've developed this thing for dried apples (sulphured, of course, as all white or yellowish fruit seems to be) and I am going to town on the unsalted mixed nuts that went on sale everywhere for Superbowl snacking, since I won't eat the wings or nachos traditionally associated with the game.

Rationally, I know winter is a waiting game, that I need patience, that I need to counter my instincts and go outside more and eat less, but it's hard to fight myself every day when I wake up to snow-clogged streets and everything feels slow, narrow and impeded.
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