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amandie - You gave me some great ideas. I went to the muffin post and read the recipe. They sound great. How is the texture? I love the idea they suggested of adding fresh rasberries to taste like a PB & Jam muffin. I wonder if you can substitute part of the peanut butter for PB2? I imagine the recipe needs some of the PB oil for consistancy but possibly could be reduced. You added an extra banana in place of part of the PB. How did that work for you? Cabbage rolls lasagna style sound like a food I would like to make. I like your "NOMATO" it would be a change from the common tomato sauce.

deb165 I lost most of my weight with traditional calorie counting but I was always hungry and snacking. As a result I would end up on super long plataues with no weight loss. Then I would get discouraged, quit start gaining again. If you look at my profile I described myself as a life long yo-yo dieter. Since following Volumetrics I am no longer hungry all the time. Usually I am the opposite, too full to eat more so I do not have to snack all the time. The best part is even though I am eating more, I am losing weight. This is a plan that I can make a lifestyle from.

Munchy Do you restrict sodium? The only reason I ask is I see you wan't to increase your potassium. I am using a salt substitute for cooking called "AlsoSalt" It is sodium free and the only substitute I have ever found that tastes like salt and has no metallic after taste. It is Potassium and L-lysine so would help with your potassium levels. Fish tacos with spinach sounds great. I love fish and spinach.
What kind of fish are you using?

I need to go grocery shopping today. I am out of fruit to add in my Fiber One cereal.

I found a this great idea while searching the internet yesterday. It fits well for Volumetrics.

Double the Veggies
In soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, and casseroles, most recipes call for a certain amount of vegetables. Our advice? Double the amount called for in the original recipe. You are already doing the prep work; so a little extra chopping can go a long way for your vegetable intake.

• Stir extra veggies into soups. Don’t be afraid to steer off the beaten recipe path just a bit. When it comes to something like soups, an overdose of chopped vegetables will not ruin the recipe. It will enhance the flavor, nutritional value, and your daily vegetable tally. A half cup of chopped vegetables and a whole cup of dark leafy greens is another serving. In White Bean Soup with Kale and Chorizo, you can double the amount of kale or add chopped carrots, celery, red bell peppers, zucchini…the possibilities are endless.
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