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W2 was mostly a success I think... I knew I wasn't going to be able to get 5 days of squats and planks in, so I doubled up a day. Phew was that ever painful lol. I don't think I'll be doing that again if I can help it!! Wasn't terribly stoked at this weeks weight changes, but hopefully that is just water retention!

There was one day that I didn't actually have a single glass of water. Instead I sipped away on a really expensive cold-pressed juice that a friend bought for me. It was pineapple and coconut water with chia seeds. It was so filling. I had zero desire to drink anything else for the whole day so I decided to let that day slide

W3 will be better, I don't expect it to be nearly as busy as last week was.

Kailpea - Ah man, that whole weight area of the gym is so scary. Especially the free weights. Machines are far less intimidating. There are usually instructions on the side of the machine and are a bit more "idiot-proof" (Although... I have seen some people use them in some pretty interesting ways!) I currently hang out there, longing for the balls to cross the threshold to the free weights world! I try to (as not obviously as I can) watch the other people in there, how they do things, and then imagine myself doing them! It's super awesome your hubby offered to help though, but I TOTALLY understand your reservations about it. I tried to convince my bf to come to the gym with me (he doesn't need to, he's skinny already, but I thought he could maybe learn to run with me) he wasn't really on board, and thinking about it more, it is probably for the best. Before I went to the gym, I thought I needed a friend to come with me all the time. But really I just wanted someone for the FIRST time. Then I was way happier on my own, doing my own thing. I would like to find someone to help me into the free weights area for the first time I think. Maybe you just need your hubby for moral support the first time, just to get you going, but with the strict understanding that while you love the help and support, you'll be able to do it in yourself after that.

Dott 2 minute planks makes my non-existent abs hurt just thinking about it!! Ugh!! I like the idea of having treats instead of full cheat meals! Though I would have a hard time not letting those treats lead to full meals I think Good luck!

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