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Originally Posted by infoplease View Post
mars735, my trouble with eliminating sucralose was that I still wanted a treat "thing", so I found one in the right calorie/protein range but too many real sugars (like cane juice sugars) and I wanted those all the time. I have a couple of bars I like (but not like the arctic zero) such as Nugo Slim Dark Chocolate Brownie that only has 2g of sugar. It doesn't trigger anything. The other one I like is the BHRG Power Crunch is Mint Chocolate, which is sweetened with stevia and also doesn't set things off; the Nugo is a protein blend and the power crunch is whey. But I really like ice maybe I save the Arctic Zero JUST for fun day and things will work out better. So to bring this back to the thread topic, sometimes in balancing soy meat analogs with whey things, I get a little off track with processed things when I should be sticking to whole foods (yoghurt, cottage cheese, beans, lentils).

Eating the entire 2 serving package of the hemp tofu maybe was more fat than I could comfortably process, so maybe mix it with another protein next time. But it was really good. If you are up to experimenting, I found a veggie burger recipe that uses hemp hearts, but it wouold need quite a bit of modifying to make it more IP compliant.
It can be challenging to get vegetarian, non-processed, and low carb all together without a monotonous diet Exercise will allow a little more leeway with the carbs. I've have been having a hard time working it into my day, but this thread is motivating.

I would love to see your veggie burger recipe.
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