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How funny, I typed one sentence and lost the post. Thank God I wasn't at the end of the post and not that it won't actually happen again.

Cold but no snow today. This weather is really getting to me and bumming me out. Cs route is good it is just management screwing things up for everybody. Looks like if Flowers Baking doesn't get their management in control they will be going down the same track as Wonder Bread/Hostess Cake. C is having a hard time sleeping from worrying about it. I told him maybe it is time to let the upper management know what the local management is doing/not doing and ruining it for everyone. We will see what happens.

My brother had a little hope that the cancer was not in the lymph nodes and that they were just swollen from the prior infection. The biopsy from Friday was glim. The cancer is def in the lymph nodes. The meds they have him on at the moment is keeping the testoterone (sp) level down so at the moment it is keeping the cancer at bay. I pray for a miracle nearly every day for him.

I have been faithfully posting in MFP but still the same about of loss, no gains. I need to move more.

SUSIE...hope your DH is feeling better by now. I know I take my health for granted the majority of the time. Even tho I have issues (yes, I am mental, lol) medical issues I am fortunate that I can get up and come to this crappy job. was home? Did you get all your tests and check ups done? I do believe in flossing. I keep those little packs of Den Tek flossers in my desk and use them after lunch, I figure even if I don't get to brush after lunch I at least have the gunk out.

HI TERRA...we are a great support group. You will like us.

HAPPY...sorry didn't mean to sound cyptic in my posting. I am just over winter, the people I work with, and worrying about things. The news of my brother came on Friday evening and kind of messed with my head all weekend.

Better post this before I lose it...and the

Make it a marvy Monday.



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